Cashless in 4 steps

All payments will be dematerialized during the event. Thanks to a "cashless" bracelet, you will be able to pay all your transactions on all the shops (bars, restaurants, etc.) of the course. Cash and credit card payments will not be accepted.

You will be able to recharge your bracelet at any time with qualified exhibitors and identified personnel.


It's more convenient, faster! Queuing at the bar or at the food stand will be significantly reduced for everyone. It's safer !


How it works ?

Cashless is a payment system that makes transactions during the event faster and easier. You will get a bracelet on which you can charge the money you planned to spend at the bars, shops and foodtrucks inside the event. The bracelet is scanned on payment terminals that communicate through NFC technology.



Once the event is over keep your bracelet, we will activate a refund platform to give you the available balances of your bracelets.

The repayment platform will open on July 30 at 10am. We will give you the URL of this service later. Claims will be closed until August 30, 2019.



To request your refund, please enter the ID code printed on the back of the tag on your wristband and your email address


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