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Become a marshal at The Evian Championship: registration has begun!

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The time has come! The registration period to become a marshal at the Evian Championship has just begun and will close on 18 June. Calling enthusiastic, committed golf lovers. Join the grand Evian Championship family and play your part in the success of the final Major of the season in women's world golf. An emotion-packed experience, right up close to the champions.

"I can hardly believe I've just won the Evian Championship... All of you, volunteers and the greenkeeping crew, you've done a fantastic job. Thank you very much!” This is the vibrant and sincere tribute made by In Gee Chun, winner of last year's Major, addressed to all the volunteers and greenkeeping crew grouped together around the 18th green to celebrate her victory. In particular, the Korean signalled the crucial role of the marshals, who throughout the week, contribute to the smooth running of the competition. They are the essential link between player groupings and the organization staff, TV crews, journalists and the general public.

Being a marshal at the Evian Championship also means belonging to the tournament's extended family, playing a part, with all those involved, in the success of a Major which is truly unlike any other. For the chosen marshals, there is a first briefing session in August so that those who are unfamiliar with the Evian Resort Golf Club can discover the course in the magical setting of the French Alps, before the champions arrive.

During the tournament, what matters most is the professionalism and commitment shown by each marshal, as well as their good humour. The "Maison des Commissaires", a private space in the heart of the event's Village, provides you with a place to get together and share experiences. Lunch is provided on site and your outfits are by Lacoste. At the end of the tournament, the organizers are pleased to invite you to attend the Marshals' Dinner with its traditional tombola (on Sunday 17 September).

You are also entitled to preferential green fees and discounts on clothing and accessories from the Evian Championship collection.

Convinced? Then register here!


On the course, mobile marshals

1 - Round leader

  • Responsible for coordinating the marshals present for the grouping and check prior to tee-off that all members of the team are present
  • Ensure the public respects etiquette so that the game can proceed smoothly
  • Check the information on the carryboard
  • At the request of the players, call scoring control for a refereeing decision, indicating their precise position.

Our comment
A round leader cannot and must not make a refereeing decision. However, he can inform the referee if there is an infraction of a golf rule.

2 - Course marshal

  • Ensure the gallery is silent when the players are ready to play, under the orders of the round leader.

Our comment
Course marshals all walk in the rough alongside the fairway. Depending on how many there are:
- 2 ahead of the players (landing area or 2nd shot)
- 2 to make way for the players, when they leave the green or tee, at fairway crossovers
- 1 or 2 following behind

3 - Marshals working with TV crews (3 types)

  • Pole Pointer

On the course, accompany the mobile cameraman equipped with a "slow motion" camera. Equipped with a transmitter pole and a belt fitted with batteries to transmit the images

  • Spotter

On the course, accompany a mobile cameraman. Equipped with a directional microphone to capture the sound, as well as a belt fitted with heavy batteries.

Our comment
The spotter stays close to the players, without disturbing them, to record the sound of voices and the impact of the ball. They communicate by radio with the control room and with their cameraman.

  • Fairway walker:

Enable the cameraman, most often in a fixed position, or the mobile cameras, to get into position quickly where the next shot will be played.

Our comment
The Fairway walker is positioned ahead of the pairings. They must be capable of following the ball and quickly identifying where it is, which is particularly different when in the bunkers or rough. They must be able to carry out their duties freely and remain totally independent from the other marshals.


4 - Police (hole crossovers, extra staffing at hot spots)

  • Ensure players have freedom of movement and keep spectators safe, authorising or forbidding the use of the indicated pathways intended for crossing certain fairways (extra marshals at hole crossings and hot spots)

Our comment
Whatever their role (refusing or allowing), the marshals must remain both discreet and receptive to others.


5 - Board holder (Carryboard)

  • Carry and update the board with the names of the players in the pairing (2 or 3) by indicating the players' position in relation to par on all of the holes played since the start of the tournament (back/front)

Our comment
In general, the board holder must walk along the edge of the fairway, close to the ropes. If required, they ask for confirmation of the players' score, from the hole leader or caddy, but never from the player.

The board, which is to inform the public, must be held so that as many people as possible can see it and so that the players from another grouping can read it when walking past.

6 - Mobile scorer

  • accompanies a grouping, from holes 1 to 18, to note and transmit the scores and any useful information using a palm (presented during the pre-tournament training session).

Our comment
The mobile scorer enters all the useful information about their round into the palm device as the shots are made (ball position, landing position, for each shot played by each of the players). They do not count the shots but simply note them one after another. They also note on paper what they send via the palm device. In liaison with central scoring, mobile scorers are equipped with a radio to inform them that they have confirmed the score for the hole and for any additional information.


7 - Landing Area Marshal

  • Identify the area where the balls land

Our comment
On some fairways, one or more marshals are positioned to carry out this duty with flags

Off the course (fixed positions)

1 - Main scoreboard marshal

  • Help manually update the main scoreboard, hole by hole, in the Main Scoring area

2 - Bib marshal

  • Responsible for handing out and collecting the bibs at the start of play (on holes 1 and 10).

Our comment
Bibs are collected from each caddy at the end of the round so that they can all be given to the person in charge at the end of the marshal's hours.

3 - Shuttle driver

  • Drive the players and caddies from the green on 4 to the tee on 5, and from the green on 8 to the tee on 9.


Benefits granted to Marshals



Prior to the Evian Championship



  • Invitation to play the course at the Evian Resort Golf Club on the date of the first information meeting (date to be confirmed, in July 2017)

During the Evian Championship

  • Complimentary Lacoste outfit (2 polo shirts + 1 windbreaker + 1 cap) 
  • Use of a private area, the Maison des Commissaires
  • Lunch at the staff canteen
  • Invitation to the closing dinner, for marshals only, organized on Sunday 17 September at the Casino