The Evian Championship Juniors Cup, 19 - 20 September 2017

The Evian Championship Juniors Cup, a unique tournament gathering the best international players under 14 years old.

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Individual results (boys) here
Individual results (girls) here
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Tuesday 19th September: First round

07:00 am: Academy opens for training
08:30 am: First tee times
12:30 pm: Last tee times

Wednesday 20th September: Second roud

07:00 am: Academy opens for training
08:30 am: First tee times
12:30 pm: Last tee times
6:00 pm: Prize Giving ceremony


Immortalize your Evian Championship experience in time with the sharing box located at the Main Scoring Board or at the Clubhouse.
Take a selfie or a group photo, create your own GIFs and share them on social media.



Since the event’s 10th edition, a lifelong membership card for the Evian Resort Golf Club will be given to all the players who have participated in the Juniors Cup.

Do not forget to collect yours during the competition.


the academy

Visit the Evian Resort Golf Club Academy, the revolutionary golf training center. This exciting site with breathtaking views boasts 12 modules for practicing your game in real situations with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our prestigious Academy will be available for use beginning 10am on Monday September 19th for those teams wishing to train before their practice rounds in the afternoon.
It will remain open on Tuesday and Wednes-day from 7am to 7pm.
All day, free access to the driving range at the Academy. Free shuttle between the golf course and Academy.

A look back at the 10th anniversary

2007, the 1st Juniors Cup tees off. The top 60 players in the world in the under-14 category, representing 15 nations (2 girls - 2 boys), descend onto the Evian Masters course, revelling in the chance to measure themselves against a championship course as they follow in the footsteps of the champions at one of the leading eventsin women's world golf!

2017 and the Evian Masters has become The Evian Championship, the Major. The first young participants, who came to light at successive editions of the Juniors Cup, are now at the pinnacle of the game. The American Jordan Spieth (2007) is now in the world Top 3 with three Major titles to his name. Irish player Leona Maguire (2007) now dominates women's world amateur golf. Swiss Amateur Albane Valenzuela (2012) has notched up one achievement after another, the latest being selectedto play for Switzerland, finishing 21st at the Olympic Games. Aditi Ashok (2010, 2011, 2012), aged 18, also represented Indiain Rio.All of these young athletes are in agreement.

"It's great that the top players in the world aged 13 or 14 can compete again steach other once a year. There's no equivalent of the Juniors Cup in the US. It was a really important moment for me", Jordan Spieth recently confided. Albane Valenzuela shows the same enthusiasm: "Being part of The Evian Championship Galaxy is a really special feeling. What Franck Riboud has created here is just amazing. Giving young hopefuls their chance on challenging courses like a Major course sends out a real message to young players and thus to the future."